Advice About Moving Elderly Parents to a New Home

It can be a very emotional time when moving elderly parents from their home. There are often a lot of memories tied to the residence, especially when they’ve lived in the same home for most of their lives.

It can be even harder for the siblings that are helping with the move. There’s a feeling of finality as things like family pictures are wrapped up and place in boxes. Some will be moved to the new home, others packed up to be sorted through by family members at a later date.

The process of deciding what items will go to the new home and what will not debilitating process for all involved. It slows the move way down.

This makes getting the home packed up and overwhelming task.

Even without taking into consideration the physical task of taking everything out of the home, loading it onto a moving truck , and then unloading it at the new location, the whole process is exhausting.

Hiring professional movers who understand the sensitivities of all involved can go a long way into making this major life transition much easier.

With the warm year round climate in San Diego & Orange County being popular for retirees, we handle a lot of these types of moves. Our movers have a wide breadth of experience and will make this day a lot easier for the family members involved.

All the family members have to do is point and tell our moving staff which items are getting packed and what location the household furnishings and boxes should be relocated to.

If you’re going through this process now or will in the near future please give me a call. I can provide a quote for our moving services as well offer some advice on how to make moving day less stressful.

All Star Moving has been in the business of helping people relocate for 20 years. My moving staff will help make this challenging day a lot easier.