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Chula Vista Movers

Chula Vista is one of the more frequent places that we move families in and out of. It is the most rapidly growing area of San Diego. I was shocked when I was looking over the census figures and saw that between 1990 and 2010 the city grew by over 100,000 people. Talk about growth!

It’s a good idea to plan your move early if you live anywhere near the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater. As long term residents can attest, the traffic around that area can be murder before or after an event.

Are you moving in or out of Chula Vista? We’ve been Chula Vista movers for almost 17 years. All of our moving staff are full time. ( Read more about what a great moving staff on our home page ). No day laborers or part time workers.

Our moving trucks are the best in the industry. They each have huge platform lift gates that allow us to load the moving truck and unload the moving truck faster than any other moving company. This time saving feature saves you money on your move. Our Chula Vista movers can get a home packed up and moved out quicker and safer than any other moving crew in San Diego.

Chula Vista Commercial Movers

Our bonding and insurance qualify us to work in any office building or office park in Chula Vista. Available on nights and weekends so your company doesn’t miss a beat when you change office locations. Many office building mangers want to see that any moving company working on site has insurance with their property named on our insurance policy. We can accomplish this in less than two hours and get a copy faxed over to a property management company.



All star moving is proud to help out Surfers Healing, a free surf camp for children with autism

Licensed                                                                              Bonded                                                                                       Insured


Chula Vista movers have to be in great shape to
carry heavy furniture and boxes all day and maintain
a quick and safe pace.


This home in Chula Vista has a beautiful walk in closet.
Here one of our movers gets it packed up and ready
for the move to the new home.

This mirror is big and heavy. Our movers are wrapping
it up to keep it from getting damaged on the move.


This beautiful 55 inch flat panel TV is wrapped
in a very thick moving pad and then shrink wrapped.


These wardrobe boxes are ready to get
loaded into the moving truck.


This bedroom is almost all packed up with just
the bed and a few more items to go. People are
usually surprised out how quickly we can get a
home packed and loaded onto our moving trucks.