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San Diego Commercial Movers

Getting ready to move your business to a new location? Our professional commercial movers will make sure your move goes smoothly. As some of the best San Diego commercial movers, we work extra hard to make sure there is little to no downtime when you are moving your business to a new location. Our San Diego commercial movers work evenings and weekends to minimize any disruption to your business. We can move everything in your office or just the heavy furniture if that is what you require.

Assembling and Disassembling of Work Stations, Cubicles, Desks, etc.

The commercial movers who show up and your office to get you packed up are some of the best and most highly trained commercial movers in San Diego. They are highly skilled to take apart all styles of cubicles, workstations, desks, and dividers. We have special tool sets for this work. If we are moving your business during your work day, our commercial movers know how to work quickly and quietly as they disassemble business furniture and get it packed up to go to your new location.

Liability Insurance Requirement for San Diego Commercial Movers

Many office buildings in San Diego typically require commercial movers to carry 500,000 liability insurance. All Star Moving carries a 1,000,000 minimum liability policy specifically for commercial moving jobs. Many building managers require movers to add their building to their insurance policy. As we have been doing San Diego commercial movers for 17 years our insurance company can make this happen within 2 hours notice. We can get proof of insurance to your building landlord well in advance of your business move. It’s worth noting that we are one fo the few commerical moving companies in San Diego to meet the stringent bonding requirements of high rise offices.

                                                   Two moving trucks are lined up for a medium sized office move.                     San Diego commercial movers work at a business park.

Performing Commercial Moves At Night Or On Weekends

It’s often quicker for our movers to get office furniture packed up and loaded onto the moving truck while the business is closed. For many businesses, this is usually the best option. Please ask me about this when you call.

Orange County Commercial Movers

All of the above is applicable to Orange County Commercial Moves with one important caveat. Traffic in San Diego is much lighter and much more predictable than Orange County. Less time in traffic will make the cost of your Orange County commercial move less expensive. I highly recommend having our commercial movers come pack you up in the evenings and early mornings. As I’m sure you realize the streets of, say Irvine, look at lot different around 8 P.M. compared to any afternoon. The traffic around business parks like those found in Irvine business districts is nonexistent at that hour. Our commercial movers can literally save an hour driving between your old location and your new business home at that time of the evening, even if the two locations are less than 10 miles apart.

                                                  These trucks are lined up for a Saturday morning office move in Orange County, CA.                    These commercial movers are some of the best in the industry. Can you guess which mover is me?

Valuable Pre-Move Information about Commercial Moves

You’re getting ready to move your office to a new location. There are a few questions I’ll ask you in order to give you the most accurate quote for your office move.

  • How many of employees are in your office? Do they each have a desk?
  • How many cubicles or works stations are there?
  • What floor are you on? Is there elevator access? Is there a freight elevator? Where are the elevators located in relation to your office?
  • Is there electrical wiring and telephone lines running through the cubicles and work stations?

The reason I ask about the wiring is that the wires will need to be pulled prior to when we start disassembling the work stations. You’ll need an electrician to cut the power and remove the wiring as well as any phone or fax lines.

Our movers have to stand the desks on end when moving them, so each desk will need to be completely emptied. Filing cabinets will need to be emptied as well.

All contents should be placed in a file box or the standard 1.5 cubic foot boxes. It’s always better to use two small boxes instead of one big box. A good rule of thumb is that if it will fit in a small box it should go in a small box.

Our Most Recent Commercial Moving Testimonial

We are settling down in our new office and did not want to delay any longer in sending a thank-you email.  We set up our 11/11/11 move appointment for 11AM and the crew arrived at 8AM – this turned out to be a very good thing (I just wasn’t quite ready – but whoever is.?.).  The four guys were wonderful and very accommodating.  Everyone involved with getting us ready for our building (IT guys, phone, staff, electrician,….) all commented on how awesome they thought your guys were.  The guys were very hard workers, courteous, and very professional (I could be heard swearing, but not them.).  If you have some sort of bonus or reward program with your staff, these guys definitely deserve accommodation.  Thanks again and we will definitely will be recommending your company to others.

Best Regards,
Karen G
California PC