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All Star Moving

La Jolla Movers

If you are moving in or out of the La Jolla area, consider hiring All Star Moving. What separates us from other La Jolla movers are several things. The most important is that all of our movers are covered under workers compensation insurance. This insurance is expensive and many moving companies cut corners. They only insure a portion of their staff. If one of their staff is not covered and they get hurt on the job, you, as the person who hired them for your La Jolla move, could be held liable. We never place our clients at this unnecessary risk because all of our staff are full time employees who are covered by workers compensation insurance. Another important distinction is that our moving trucks have a segregated compartment to store valuable electronics and artwork. This keeps them safer during transport than if they were placed in the back of the moving truck with the rest of your household belongings. No other movers in La Jolla keep a furniture restoration artist on retainer in the unfortunate event that a piece of furniture gets scratched during a move. If this happens our artist will come to your home and remove the scratch from your furniture so that is no longer visible to the naked eye. All of this is done at no additional cost to you.

As La Jolla movers, it’s important to us to be efficient, hard working and careful. To this end all of our trucks have a 6 foot lift gate that allows us to load and unload the moving truck very quickly. Our moving staff has been with us for an average of five years. This is almost twice as long as the moving industry average. Our men have worked together for a long time on every kind of move that you can imagine. They move and work with the speed and grace of an NBA basketball team. Since you’re purchasing time for your La Jolla move this teamwork ends up saving you money.

Most people in La Jolla have very nice things in their home. When you hire us to be your La Jolla movers, you can count on us treating your belongings as if they were our own.

Commercial La Jolla Movers

All Star Moving has a bonding and insurance level high enough to work in any building in La Jolla including high rises. Some building managers require that their building name and address be added to our policy. We’ve done this many times and can fax over proof the La Jolla property manager in as little as two hours. As commercial La Jolla movers we recognize the imperative need not to interrupt the day to day activities of your business. As such, our commercial movers are available to move your office in the evenings and weekends. By hiring us for your office move you are placing the physical logistics of moving your company to a new location in very capable hands. Please give us a call as soon as you know you’re going to be changing your business address. We’ve helped many companies with their commercial move and we can offer some tips and advice that will save you time and stress. We’re La Jolla commercial movers who take our jobs very seriously. Count on us to get you moved right.



All star moving is proud to help out Surfers Healing, a free surf camp for children with autism

Licensed                                                                              Bonded                                                                                       Insured


At this home in La Jolla, our movers use teamwork
to unload two couches at the same time from our
state of the art moving truck.


The view from the back of the moving truck looking
towards the house we are unloading. In the right
hand side of the pic you are moving blankets,
hand truck, and other supplies to keep your
good safe during transport.


This table is wrapped in a moving blanket and then
shrink wrapped to make sure it is protected against scratches.


This piece of furniture is unwrapped from a moving
blanket and carried into the house.


Moving people every day, 4-5 times a week keeps
our movers in great shape. Here they carry a couch with ease.


We are the only La Jolla moving company with this
large platform lift gate on the back of our moving
trucks. It saves you time and money because it allows
us to unload and load quickly.