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Laguna Beach is a great place to live. Many people have hired us to move them in and around Laguna Beach.  This span of coastline is my favorite in all of Orange County. Picturesque stretches of  beach make this part of Orange County one of the most desirable places to move to. The artist colony here stretches back to the early 1900’s and they were among some of the earliest groups to move to Laguna Beach year round and the artistic community remains vibrant to this day.

If you’re moving in or out of Laguna Beach, plan your moving day accordingly. The traffic can be really tough here, especially holiday weekends. People come from long distances to see and take pictures and the roads will be clogged. One time, we had to do a last minute move on Fourth of July. The home was of modest size and we were only moving half of the belongings. It took longer to drive the moving truck 5 miles to the other side of Laguna Beach, than it took our Laguna Beach movers to load the home furnishings in the truck. If you can, avoid scheduling your move on these holiday weekends.

We didn’t move the first artists to Laguna Beach but we have moved quite a few other people in the last 17 years. We’re Laguna Beach movers who’ll do the job right. Please, take a few minutes and read the text on the home page. Even if you decide that you don’t want to hire All Star Moving, you’ll be much better informed of how the moving industry operates.

Laguna Beach Commercial Moversinside-moving-truck

Parking for businesses in Laguna Beach is limited. Many building managers will want to be notified of where a moving truck is going to be parked in relation to the offices and how long it’s going to be parked there. As longtime Laguna Beach Commercial Movers were used to these kinds of requests and can respond back to the building manager in as little as an hour. If required, (most office buildings do in Laguna Beach ) we can add a building name to our insurance policy and provide proof. Our commercial movers are available evenings and weekends to minimize the daily impact to the day to day business activities.


All star moving is proud to help out Surfers Healing, a free surf camp for children with autism

Licensed                                                                              Bonded                                                                                       Insured


These moving trucks are parked at a commercial office
building in Laguna Beach. Our Laguna Beach
commercial movers work on weekends and
evenings too.


The offices are closed on this early Sunday morning
but our Laguna Beach movers are hard at work.


These movers are almost finished loading the patio
furniture from this Laguna Beach home.


Sometimes our moving clients don’t want to take
everything to their new home. A common request
is to take some things to a self storage facility.


This was a move that required two moving trucks.
The owner of these household belongings wanted us to
store these items until her granddaughter came out.


A correctly loaded self storage space can store a lot
if things without everything being jammed in and
making everything difficult to get to. People
walking by sometimes ask our Laguna Beach
movers to repack their storage space.