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Mission Hills, to me, is probably one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in San Diego. The larger homes are majestic in a way that you don’t see in other well off communities like La Jolla or Rancho Santa Fe. The architecture of Mission Hills is amazing. I love John Lloyd Wright homes and I’ve always been a big fan of craftsman homes. It’s a great neighborhood and it’s understandable that so many people want to move to Mission Hills.

We think that we are the best Mission Hills movers for the job. You can get the full details of why I believe that All Star Move is the best on our home page, but I’ll give you a quick highlight why you should hire us to be your Mission Hills movers.

Mission Hills Moving Trucks

Our moving trucks all have a six foot platform lift gate. What’s the big deal of that? It saves a great deal of time loading and unloading the moving truck and most moving companies don’t have them on their trucks for exactly this reason. The longer movers take the more expensive your moving bill. Their trucks use a walk up ramp and they will have a three foot lift gate. As Mission Hills movers, our job is to get you moved as quick and carefully as is possible. No other moving company does this better than All Star Moving. Mission Hills Moving Rates Our moving rates are all inclusive which include moving pads, wardrobe boxes, and more.

Mission Hills Commercial Moves

We have helped many business with their commercial moves, particularly around Washington street. Our bonding and insurance allow us to work in any office building and park in Mission Hills. Many commercial building require that they be added to a movers insurance premium before commercial moves are allowed to begin.



All star moving is proud to help out Surfers Healing, a free surf camp for children with autism

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These Hillcrest movers are carrying a very nice
Italian leather sofa.


Teamwork is important for making a move go quickly.
Our crews have an average of more than five years with
us. No other moving company can boast a higher
employee retention rate.


Here you can see the advantage of a platform lift gate
in speeding up the pace of this move.


Our Mission Hills movers work hard to get
the job done quickly and safely.


Shrink wrap, moving pads, and moving paper are ready for use.