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Packing Tips

All Star Moving has been fortunate enough to thrive in the midst of one of the greatest depressions in American History. Many times over the last few years we’ve moved families from homes they could no longer afford because their jobs had vanished. Too many times. For us as a company, and to our employees carrying the boxes out, it’s never less than heartbreaking.

I’ve put this guide together to help out those who have to move and are in difficult circumstances. Please use this resource. It is my best advice and it comes from almost 20 years of moving people to new homes.

We may never meet but know that All Star Moving wishes you a rapid and safe turnaround of your predicament. You are not forgotten.

Daniel Hernandez 


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3M Tape Gun – Buy the 3m tape gun. It’s the same one professional movers use. It’s well worth the $7. Available at any office supply store, these tape guns will save you a ton of work. If you’re picking up flattened boxes, this tool makes it a breeze to quickly assemble them.

Rosin Paper – Sold in large rolls at home improvement stores for about $12. Great heavy wrapping paper to protect dishes and other valuables when moving. It is far superior to newspapers as its thicker, stronger, and does not contain any newsprint to dirty your belongings. This paper is also great to lay down at your new home to protect the carpet. It takes just a few minutes.

Washing Machine – If you’re moving a washing machine, it’s best not to reuse the o ring washer that is inside the hose that connects the washing machine to the water supply. Just because it didn’t leak at your old home, it could leak at your new home. Because it’s behind the washer it can cause water damage before you even realize it is leaking. For less than a dollar, you can put a brand new one in when you reinstall your washer.

Buy Heavy Duty Trash bags to transport your couch cushions and throw pillows for moving. Called contractor bags these are much less expensive at Home Depot than buying them at a supermarket.

Mark Fragile Boxes Top Load Only.

Don’t water plants the week before you move.

Drawers should contain only soft items, no breakables.

Shrink wrap dressers to keep drawers from coming out while moving.

Moving Trucks

Renting a truck –Rent a truck that has a large platform lift gate. This will make it much easier to load appliances, safes, and other large pieces than trying to muscle them up a ramp.

Have tie down cargo straps and rope on hand to help secure the load within the truck.

Have moving pads and thick cardboard to help protect furniture. Use new cardboard. Used cardboard may have dust and dirt that will rub into furniture.

Loading the truck

Distribute the load evenly. Disperse very heavy items evenly throughout the truck. If one part (front, back, sides) of the truck is significantly heavier it will make the drive unsafe. If you have to go through a truck scale and your weight and load balance is checked by the scale. If deemed unbalanced, the Highway patrol will make you unload it on the spot and repack it AND write you a ticket. If you are traveling across state lines you will encounter a truck scale at each state border.
When packing you want to fill the moving truck from floor to ceiling. This is done by building tiers. Start at the back and load the first 3-4 feet from floor to ceiling. Secure the tier with tie downs or rope. Begin building the next tier. Repeat until you have loaded everything.

Patio/Outdoor furniture should be loaded toward the rear away from the main cargo to keep it from dirtying anything else.

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