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All Star Moving

Point Loma Movers

If you’re looking to hire great Pt. Loma movers please consider All Star Moving for the job. All of our movers are full time staff covered under workers compensation. Please see our home page for a detailed explanation of why we are the best Pt. Loma movers for the job. It will take less than five minutes to read and you will have a very good understanding of the moving industry so that even if you decide not to hire us for your Pt Loma move you will still be ahead of the game. We’ve been moving people and businesses throughout San Diego for over seventeen years.

Pt. Loma Condominium and Apartment Moving

There are quite a few apartment buildings and condominium complexes that are situated on canyon slopes. These present unique challenges as quite often the moving truck has to park quite a distance from the unit to move. Please let me know if this is the case when you call to get a Pt Loma moving quote. Distance from your unit to truck access if one of the most important criteria for formulating an accurate moving quote.

Pt Loma Commercial Movers

All Star Moving has been helping businesses move from one location to another in Pt Loma for many years. Be assured that our bonding and insurance allow us access to work in any office building or office park in Point Loma. Our staff is well versed on assembling and disassembling any works stations or cubicles that your company uses. Just show us where you would like them placed in your new office and our Pt. Loma Movers will do the rest. We are available to work nights and weekends to keep the disruption of moving your business to a new location.



All star moving is proud to help out Surfers Healing, a free surf camp for children with autism

Licensed                                                                              Bonded                                                                                       Insured


This organizing unit is shrink wrapped and
ready to go on the moving truck.


Jeff takes it out to the moving truck.


These two Point Loma movers are hard workers.


This furniture is ready to go to its new home.


Jeff has been an All Star Mover for almost ten years!


This picture shows just how big the lift gate is
and how much time it saves packing the truck.