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All Star Moving

Talega Movers

Talega is the crown jewel of San Clemente and probably the most desirable place to live in our sleepy beach town. All Star Moving can help with any moving requirement that you have. Our most popular moving package in Talega is our turn key moving service where we pack and unpack all the household furnishings. The only thing you do is tell us where you would like the furniture placed in your new home.

You can rest easy knowing that all of our moving staff are fully insured and covered under workers compensation insurance so that you are not placed at risk in case they get injured on the job. Because workers compensation insurance is so expensive, many moving companies only cover a portion of their employees. Our Talega movers are all full time employees and have been with our company for an average of five years or more. They’ll work hard to get you moved as quickly and safely as possible
If you know when you are moving in or out of Talega, please call us as early as possible. All Star Moving always honors our reservations. Our moving schedule is booked by first come, first reserved. Many moving companies will not honor reservations if they get an offer of moving job where they will make more money than your reservation. They often time leave their clients stranded. That will never happen if you hire us for your Talega move.

Our moving trucks are only five minutes away from Talega at our moving lot in San Clemente. If you’d like great movers with a lot of experience, please give us a call to see how we can make your move as stress free as possible. All Star Moving will be proud to be your Talega movers.



All star moving is proud to help out Surfers Healing, a free surf camp for children with autism

Licensed                                                                              Bonded                                                                                       Insured


Our clean state of the art moving truck parked at a
new home in Talega.


The thin white box is a tv that we packaged for the
move. We have this separate compartment of our
moving truck so that we can store electronics separate
from the rest of the household belongings.


The lift gate on the back of our moving truck allows us
to offload the truck quickly. You can also see the
translucent roof of the truck which keeps the back of
the truck from getting too hot in the summer.


The lift gate is big enough to hold 2 couches at the
same time. It allows us to move heavy items with ease.


Two Talega movers carry a couch into a new home.
The owners are inside to show the movers where to
place the couch in the new home.


This lift gate helps our Dana Point movers load
and unload a moving truck quickly.