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I don’t think any other community is quite like Temecula. Because it is roughly equal in distance from Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County it is somewhat of a commuter city. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way at all. The homes tend to be much bigger and newer than a vast majority of the homes found in the coastal counties. As cars became more comfortable, (remember what cars were like before SUV’s brought comfort to even entry level sedans) people didn’t mind adding an extra 30 minutes to commute from their home to work. Temecula became a very viable community to move to and call home. Although it can get hot out there in the summer the other nine months of the year have a very Mediterranean feel to them. While some will balk at the commuting distance it’s been my experience that the people our Temecula movers have moved into Temecula and even the ones that our Temecula movers have moved out of Temecula have seemed pretty happy about their experience living in Temecula.

When we first started moving people to Temecula 17 years ago, it looked a lot more rural. Now, there are all kinds of interesting restaurants and shops. When you hire us for your Temecula move you be assured that all of our movers are fully insured. Our Temecula movers are on time, polite and very efficient about getting you packed up and to your new home. Please spend a few minutes looking around our site and I think you’ll agree that we are some of the best Temecula movers you can hire. Even if you don’t decide to hire All Star moving, the time you spend reading our home page and the moving quality page will help you make a better All star moving is proud to help out Surfers Healing, a free surf camp for children with autisminformed decision when hiring a moving company.

Temecula Commercial Movers

If you’re moving your business to Temecula or moving your company from Temecula to another area, give us a call. We have commercial moving experience that will help your company change location with as little disruption to your day to day business operations. Our Temecula commercial movers are available to work on weekends and evenings when the majority of your staff is off. Our bonding insurance has a high enough threshold that we can get your business name or building name added to our policy very quickly and this makes us eligible to work in any office building or office business park in Temecula.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Daniel Hernandez, Owner All Star Moving.



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These two Temecula movers carry moving pads in to start
the moving job.

These two movers use heavy brown paper to protect a leather chair from scratches during the move to Temecula.

These two movers use heavy brown paper to protect a leather
chair from scratches during the move to Temecula.


This movers assembles a moving box from a large stack of
flattened moving boxes.


This picture shows the translucent roof of our moving trucks.
This helps provide temperature stability on a hot day in Temecula.


This mover uses a moving dolly to take boxes out the
moving truck.


This close up shot of our moving dolly. Notice the extra
large rollers along the sides.