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Residential Moves

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Your guys were here today and I just want to say they did an outstanding job. They were hardworking, professional, and  very helpful. Thanks for everything and it was nice doing business with you. I am not planning on moving again anytime soon but I will definitely pass the word to any of my friends who may decide to move in the future.

Once again, thanks.


We hired All Star Moving to handle a household move from one town to another 10 miles away. Cory and his crew arrived on time (actually a bit early) and started in right away. They were quick, polite, cautious and took extreme care in moving all of our furniture and belongings. Despite them showing up in a rather large truck, we required two trips to get everything moved.

Overall the experience was great. They put things were we requested and even moved a few things around for us.

Wiley E


Hi Daniel,

I hope this email finds you well.

Just wanted to touch base with you regarding your movers. They are very professional and efficient!

Not only were they on time today but they are going to be complete well before the time allotted.

I am so pleased! smiley

Tamarah M


We needed movers for a same day move-out, on a holiday weekend. Not only did All-Sar Moving get us a truck and the needed man power, they were there as promised at 3:30 PM and stayed with the move until it was completed at 2 AM, having everything in it’s perfect place. The All Star Moving team was awsome and I would not hesistate to call upon them again! My movers packed and loaded out the boxes in such a professional manner! Even with the heavy furniture they did not hit one wall moving out, or into the new home. They were so very careful with all items. I rate them an A+ across the board!

It went excellent. I told the whole story above! This is an A+ company. They have great attitude, very hard working staff that are also so kind and considerate with great big hearts. They all helped to make a big over powering situation very manageable and for that we will always be forever grateful!!! The Do, DO USE All STAR MOVING! The Don’t, there are no don’ts!

Barbara S.


All Star Moving Co. moved all of our furniture and already packed boxes to our new home.

All Star Moving Co. were great. The three movers, Jordan, Pedro and Victor worked diligently and very carefully. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to hire movers.

Jackie A


Dear Daniel,

We just wanted to tell you what a great job you all did moving our office! Jordan and Jeff arrived ahead of time and were very professional and helpful in organizing the best way to relocate our filing cabinets and other large pieces of furniture that we needed to move. They were upbeat and hard working, answering questions with professional ease and courtesy. The job was done quickly and extremely efficiently.

I also appreciated how you were always very quick about answering any questions via email. or cell phone. You always got back to me within five minutes after I contacted you and answered any questions I might have had which assisted in making the move a smooth and extremely satisfying experience.

Again, many thanks to you, Jeff, and Jordan. We will recommend All Star Moving to anyone looking for those services and are happy to provide any references or website testimonials, if you would like.

Thank you and have a nice holiday season,
Mark M, PhD and Lisa F


Thank you again for sending Marcus and Ty. They are awesome!

We were very pleased with both moves and will highly recommend your company and Marcus and Ty to all of our friends.

Thank you,
Jerilyn B


I am the CEO of a large law firm in San Diego. We have needed to move a large number of confidential files a few times over the past year. All Star Moving has been fantastic to work with for our firm. They understood the strict requirements that we have for our files and made every accommodation necessary without complaint. Their drivers and loaders are courteous, prompt, and hard working young men. Their pricing was fair and their quotes are always accurate. We will continue to use All Star Moving for all of our shipping needs.

Give these guys a try – you won’t be sorry – we never are!!


Hi Daniel,
Just wanted to let you know your movers were outstanding. They were professional, courteous and did an excellent job. I will be recommending your company to all others. May it lead to many more customers and continuing success for your business. All the best.

Sai H


I was very pleased with the service provided by AllStar Moving. Kory and Nathan were professional, courteous and efficient.
I have never had movers that did not ding at list one wall. I had no marks or dings on the walls, floors, etc. Pleasantly surprised.
I would definitely use All Star Moving for any future needs. Well worth every penny!

Katherine, Eastvale


I wanted to write a review about Mr. Daniel Hernandez and All Star Moving. I contacted All Star Moving on their website as they were the first to pop up in my Google Search, which tells me a business owner is savvy enough to pay attention to marketing and how to reach out to people. When I contacted them, I was talking to Mr. Daniel Hernandez the owner and we scheduled a move within 10 minutes. They have the most competitive pricing and they have plenty of trucks which make their availability GREAT! I was probably a tough client as I changed my move date twice on them and they accommodated with no issues or push back.

Amazing Customer Service! They sent 2 guys with a truck and all of the proper moving equipment to my house (3 Bedroom house 2200 Square Feet) and we got everything loaded and unloaded in less than 4 hours! What makes this better is that during a move we all know that there is going to be something that gets scratched or even broken. That is just the nature of moves! When I got everything unpacked I noticed that my desk had partially been cracked. The guys had to move this very heavy desk up a very narrow stairwell and it probably just got tweaked in the move up the stairs.

When I contacted Daniel he said there were two options:

1. File the insurance claim which would give me .60 a lb on the desk (Desk cost me over $1500 and this would only give me about $150 and wouldn’t’t replace the desk if I tried)

2. OR he would have a Wood Desk professional come out and look to see if he could fix it. I was leery about this but I chose to go that route. He sent the wood guy over and he made my desk look brand new and Mr. Hernandez offered to pay the bill because he was so concerned about my happiness more than just doing an insurance claim which he had every legal right to do. I am 100% satisfied with All Star Movers and will use them every time and will recommend them to anyone. Accidents happen, however its how the company responds to those accidents is what sets them apart. Mr. Hernandez has integrity and that is what matters to me!



We were hung to dry by a national company not willing to park our pod on our street, so we were really stuck. Came across All Star Moving from the condo management company and they really came through! They met me early at my pod, unloaded it, loaded on their truck and moved it into my condo – in no time! Very reasonable price and great guys who took extra care to re-wrap some items so they would get damaged. We will definitely use them again!

Tim S


They were punctual and efficient and polite and everything you would hope a mover would be.

Roger T


My experience with All Star Moving was awesome from start to finish. The owner gave me my quote by phone, and left me his personal cell phone number. The quote was very fair, and less expensive than other places I had called. The price could have been much higher for the quality of service I received! Jeffrey and Justin showed up an my apartment right on time (even a few minutes early) and quickly got to work. I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I would have been because I had run out of boxes, and it didn’t phase these guys at all. The had the entire apartment loaded up in just a couple of hours. The unloading seemed to go even faster despite the guys having to lift a bunch of heavy furniture and boxes up stairs. They were pleasant, friendly and very professional. I would hire these guys again in an instant, and will be referring you out to anyone who asks about movers. Really a top notch company!

Christine B


Linda to San Marcos in a total of 8 hours. This included loading, driving, and unloading.

I was moving from Yorba Linda to San Marcos and had no one to help, so I decided to hire a moving company. Initially I made a few inquiries, and decided on a company. However, after I scheduled them, I decided to check out any online reviews. To my horror, I found that they had a terrible reputation and had ripped off many customers. As I began researching moving companies further, I discovered that many moving ocmpanies have terrible reputations for dishonesty and theft. I was so scared, and wasn’t sure what to do about my move. I told a friend about my dilemma, and she recommended I check out movers on Angies List. I had never used Angies List, but thought I’d give it a try. I signed up and began checking the reviews on local moving companes. One moving company, All Star Moving Co., really stood out. Their reviews were all positive. Although their hourly rate is a bit higher than other movers, I decided to give them a try due to their outstanding reviews. I’m so glad I did! I scheduled my move with Daniel, the owner (Daniel takes all calls personally).

The two movers he sent, Roland and Marcus were outstanding! These young men were extremely respectful, hard working and didn’t waste a minute of the precious time I was paying for. They took great care with all of my items, and when they saw me lifting or carrying an item they always offered to help. What could have been a disaster with another moving company, turned out to be a very pleasant experience with All Star Moving Co. The next time I move I’ll definitely use All Star Moving Co., and I’ll be requesting Roland and Marcus to handle my move. Thank you Daniel, Roland, and Marcus for making a difficult move much easier.
April H


Hello Daniel,

We are settling down in our new office and did not want to delay any longer in sending a thank-you email.  We set up our 11/11/11 move appointment for 11AM and the crew arrived at 8AM – this turned out to be a very good thing (I just wasn’t quite ready – but whoever is.?.).  The four guys were wonderful and very accommodating.  Everyone involved with getting us ready for our building (IT guys, phone, staff, electrician,….) all commented on how awesome they thought your guys were.  The guys were very hard workers, courteous, and very professional (I could be heard swearing, but not them.).  If you have some sort of bonus or reward program with your staff, these guys definitely deserve accommodation.  Thanks again and we will definitely will be recommending your company to others.

Best Regards,
Karen G


The price and the service was very good. I give them Straight A’s across the board!

Melissa S


The All star movers came in and moved all my furniture into their truck, drove it to the storage unit I picked out and unloaded it into the storage room.I had the best experience with this moving company from start to finish! I would totally use them again because they made such a great effort every step of the way. I made an appointment and described the amount of furniture and size of the house I was moving out of. Based on my description the company went through the best options for me in terms of the number of movers and the amount of time it would take. Their advice was well informed and very useful!

The movers arrived on time and were very professional and friendly. They were very quick on their feet and they were very careful with my items. They had even asked if I had any preferences once we got to the storage unit…. as in if I wanted any items near the front for easy access etc to make sure I was happy with the layout. I had told them the size of the unit I had reserved for storage earlier and as they started packing, they warned me that I should probably get a bigger one.

They thought everything might fit but if it didn’t, they would have to take everything back out and move it to a bigger unit which would cost me more for moving time. They really cared to save me money and time which I really appreciated not to mention they were right. I reserved a bigger unit and everything fit perfectly. If I had stayed with the original unit, I would have had to pay for a lot more hours for moving to fix the problem. They were a life saver! They really went above and beyond their duties and made sure at each stage that I was happy with the progress. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Stacy L, Beverly Hills.


Thank you for everything! Of all my moving experiences (and I have had many!) this move was the smoothest, easiest and fastest. The movers were very respectful of me and my property. They worked diligently and handled my belongings with the greatest care and professionalism. All Star Moving turned what would have been a very stressful situation into a very seamless one. And there were no hidden fees! Fantastic!

Nancy S, Mission Viejo


I was leaving for a trip the next day and tenant wanted to move in early, so I had one afternoon to move. Called All Star in the morning, two guys were thereby 1pm. They moved everything to storage, and even made a side trip to drop off a couch I was giving to a friend. After they’d left, they found part of a lamp in their truck. They turned around and drove back to give it to me. I will be calling them again.

Thanks for your kind words, Lynn. I’m happy we did such a good job for you.- Daniel, All Star Moving

Lynn M, Solana Beach


I hired them to move a 3/2/2 townhouse including a large Snap-On tool box model KRL 1033 with a side cabinet. This move went better than expected.  The two movers were polite and very professional.  They wrapped everything and were super careful not to bang any walls or scratch any of my furniture.  They also moved my very large Snap-On tool box (KRL 1033) with no problems at all.  The truck was clean, all their equipment and mats were clean, and they even dusted a few pieces before putting them into the truck.  This company is tops in my book.  I can not say enough good things about them.  Daniel is fantastic!

Daniel….this note is long overdue. I am sending you this note to tell you what a really good job that Justin and Victor did last week. It was good to see Victor again, we were kidding him about retiring from All Star with a gold watch. 10 years with Allstar. Whow.
They worked their little butts off. I know they were late for the other move, but I told you Tina had a lot of stuff packed into that Condo. Actually, I misjudged the need for a 3rd guy. But thanks for a good move. As always the guys were respectful of the property and the owner. Good guys.


I hired them to move a 3/2/2 townhouse including a large Snap-On tool box model KRL 1033 with a side cabinet.
This move went better than expected.  The two movers were polite and very professional.  They wrapped everything and were super careful not to bang any walls or scratch any of my furniture.  They also moved my very large Snap-On tool box (KRL 1033) with no problems at all.  The truck was clean, all their equipment and mats were clean, and they even dusted a few pieces before putting them into the truck.  This company is tops in my book.  I can not say enough good things about them.  Daniel is fantastic!
Stephen B


They moved me from Orange County to North Hollywood. They were very good, showed up on time, and worked well. I graded them an “A” in Punctuality, Professionalism, Quality, Price, and Overall responsiveness on Angie’s List.
Fred M


Just wanted to send a quick email of thanks to you and your guys for the great move today. They really busted it and did the job right at 6 hrs. Special kudos to Big Mike…..he’s an animal and does a fantastic job. I’d be happy to write a letter if you’d like one for reference purposes, although you may not need it as busy as you guys are. Any case, always feel free to use me as a reference. No need to call ahead, just give them my name and number. I will also follow up with Gabriel and let him know he missed out on 5% of business and All Star should be at the top of his list every time.
Mike Wray


This was a big move into a 5000 sq foot home and they did great. Very happy with the service. I had many vintage wood and fragile items, they were careful and no issues. Pleasant men that worked hard.
Jack N


It went fine. I thought they did a good ob. I scheduled them on fairly short notice. It was on a Tuesday or Wednesday for a Saturday move. They showed up a little late but they called ahead to let me know when they were coming. I didn’t have a lot to move. Mostly bigger items. They were careful with the furniture. I had new carpeting put into the place I was moving into and they were respectful of that as well as a the new paint job that they tried not to ding up. It all got done in the four hour window they had given me. They gave me a discount for paying cash and for being an Angie’s list member and it all worked out very well.
Stan Y


Two movers from All Star showed up early in SD and of course we weren’t 100% ready yet but they were very helpful in getting done what they could at a very good pace. They also double or even triple checked that everything was loaded and correctly separated since we had 2 drop-off stops. They then proceeded immediately to each drop off point and were nothing but efficient in getting the work done as quickly as possible yet still carefully handling the boxes (Unlike what I would have done!). For the service provided I feel the hourly charge was more than fair and the clock didn’t start until they showed up in SD. The business model seems to be providing quick, efficient, service at a good price. The movers were professional, nice, and I couldn’t have asked for a better job to be done. I hope I don’t have to move again for a long time, but I will recommend All Star to my friends and family and use them again if I must!
Dennis W.


The owner of the company – Hernandez came to my home and provided me with all information and an estimate of the move costs. On moving day Carlos, Mike and Will appeared and began the move which was seamless – they were fast careful and totally professional – After the Van was packed the owner came to my home to make sure everything had gone as planned. Moving is extremely stressful but these guys made it so much easier for me.
Peggy P


Move was local. Two young men arrived on time, were polite and hard-working. I plan to use All-Star again to complete my move in about two weeks.

Both the movers and the person who answered All-Star’s phone (the owner?) expressed their appreciation for my business and asked if everything was satisfactory. They were easy and pleasant to deal with.
Bradford S


Moved us (we packed) about 10 miles from our second-story apartment to our new house!
Fantastic. The movers (4) showed up right on time, were clean, polite, and worked hard. It turned out that the contents of our apartment actually needed a bit more than the 45 foot truck that they had brought. They ended up making a second trip for the remainder of the stuff. A very long workday, but they were cheerful and pleasant throughout. We had a couple of very challenging pieces, including a home theater and a large fridge, all of which they handled perfectly. I hope I don’t have to move again any time in the near future, but if I do, I know who I am calling!
Morgan M


They packed and moved us 50 miles away, all in one day.All Star Moving is by far the best packers and movers I’ve ever used or even heard of. The 6 men who packed and moved all our belongings were friendly, professional, efficient, and went 200% out of their way to make this move easy and carefree. All the men are full time employees of the company. Daniel who is the one who booked and arranged the move went way out of his way for me, when I thought I had lost an item (which it turns out, I didn’t). I didn’t know movers this good existed.
Phyliss J


They moved us locally, a distance of about 2 miles. The price was for a team of 4 guys and included moving items from our storage unit as well as our house.

The movers were very professional. They arrived on time and were very careful in moving our things, which included a number of antique pieces. The cost was lower than the estimate and included a 10% discount for cash payment. The owner, Daniel Hernandez, was a pleasure to work with. I hope not to move anytime soon, but if we do, we would call him again.
Gloria W


Please call to see how All Star Moving can make your move a pleasant experience.